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Recommended Podcasts

There are thousands of podcasts and independent, alternative radio shows out there, but the following are a collection of ones that I listen to or have listened to at various times and would recommend. They mainly concentrate on offering alternative information and alternative views of the world to the mainstream media, but others include philosophy, history, films and music. Some are very extreme in their views, certainly relative to what we are generally fed, but all offer interesting views and evidence that encourages further research by the listener rather than automatic acceptance and parrotting.

9/11 Synchronicity
The only podcast on this list not still active as of 2014, this truly epic work of more than 120 hours was put together in 2006-7 by corporate whistleblower Richard Grove and is 'the podcast designed to strike a chord in the public mind and inspire the (American) people to exercise their rights and take meaningful action in the search for the truth behind the events of September 11th 2001. Richard worked in the World Trade Center until Summer 2001, became aware of financial irregularities apparently connected to the 9/11 attacks and set off on a 5-year odyssey of research. However, this podcast is not all about 9/11 but rather an all-encompassing work that looks at how the world is shaped and how it actually is through a monumental array of clips and interviews, as well as Richard's own commentary on his own experiences and on how we can develop our critical thinking skills and start to change the way we view the world. It's nothing if not a journey, and despite some dark subject matter, there are also lighter moments.

Smells Like Human Spirit
Started by Guy Evans in 2012, this podcast is approaching its 200th episode at time of writing and recently moved to a daily format. The views expressed are fairly moderate and are a good introduction to various topics. The change of format has meant shorter podcasts and more of an overview feel rather than deep discussion, and some topics tend to reoccur, such as the shallowness of celebrity culture and the failure and complicity of the mainstream media, but it's still highly recommended. A more detailed review of SLHS can be found on this blog.

Freedomain Radio
Former software entrepreneur and Libertarian Stefan Molyneux has been running this podcast since 2006 and his output is truly prodigious, some might say excessive. He openly admits and discusses an abusive childhood and extensive therapy that appears to have given him great insights into the human condition and the way that the world really works as opposed to the reality that the mainstream feeds the masses. Some of his posts are deeply affecting and profound, and his messages encouraging individuals to examine their lives and raise their children non-coercively are inspiring. On the downside, he tends to disregard any views against the free market, and he also has a call-in show where he offers unqualified advice that tends to be steered towards certain topics that he frequently goes back to, and espouses DeFOOing (leaving one's family of origin if they are not supportive). Highly thought-provoking and some very good interviews.

V Radio
Neil Kiernan, former Ron Paul supporter and now promoter of the Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project, runs this podcast and also has a large archive of quality discussions on political matters and other themes about life and the individual. Unlike other podcast hosts, it appears that he really does struggle financially to keep the show going and so really can use donations to help out. He has a relaxed style and an open mind, and advocates TZM and TVP without pushing them aggressively.

The Corbett Report
A former teacher based in Japan, James Corbett has developed a reputation as the voice of reason and a highly informed, informative and refreshingly humble podcast host, interviewer and interviewee. Not much more to add except to highly recommend his extensive output.

WideShut Webcast
Keelan Balderson, host of this podcast, has produced a number of documentaries, including 7/7: What Did They Know?, and is a very informed and reasonable source of information on the London Bombings (as is Tom Secker, with whom Keelan has often discussed the case) as well as covering general news and world agendas. He is one of the younger podcast hosts and offers a youthful but mature perspective.

The Joe Rogan Experience
Joe is well-known in the mainstream but appears to have had some kind of epiphany in the last few years and has become a very thoughtful and informed podcast host. The episodes are long, usually 3-4 hours but have an extremely spontaneous and refreshingly freeform feel to them. Guests often tend to be comedians and/or martial artists (Rogan is an exponent of both of these disciplines) but activistically-inclined politicians and commentators also appear. Rogan is a big advocate of psychedelics for enlightenment, and this is another regular topic of discussion 

London Real
Inspired by Joe Rogan, this podcast is hosted by an American based in London called Brian Rose. There is some guest and content overlap from Rogan's podcast, but London Real is more structured and many episodes, which relate to self and world improvement, leave a feeling of having been enlightened and inspired. it also features on split-screen video format on you tube.

Common Sense with Dan Carlin
Dan Carlin's Hardcore History
Described as an American political commentator and amateur historian, Dan Carlin (no relation to George) is a legend in podcasting. Common Sense takes a very rational look at politics, with a keen journalistic eye on how it is presented versus the reality, and what it all means. Hardcore History is a perfect combination of epic, insightful and accessible. The HH shows are many hours in length, but the events are presented in a way that is fun, informative and really helps you to understand the background to major historical events and what it might have been like to have been there experiencing it. HH is totally essential for everyone interested in history.

The Mind Renewed
Julian Charles is tries to provide an alternative examination of the world through a Christian perspective. His relaxed and calm delivery and rational approach make for extremely accessible listening, and he certainly gives Christianity a good name in his very open explanation and expression of his views and opinions. He has good guests on the show, especially episode 68!!

Truth Jihad Radio
Run by former Massachusetts University professor Kevin Barrett, who was sacked from his job for the heinous crime of introducing alternative theories of 9/11 and planting in his student's heads the idea that the War on Terror might not be entirely genuine, this podcast has some quite extreme views, even for alternative media, but it is certainly thought-provoking, with something of a religious angle since Barrett has converted to Islam. It's quite 9/11 heavy, as Barrett seems to have dedicated himself to uncovering so much information that dismissing a cover-up will be impossible and a clear case of 'wilful denial'.

Democracy Now!
A stalwart of the alternative media while also having mainstream credibility and exposure, Democracy Now!, hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez, is claimed by its website to be 'pioneering the largest public media collaboration in the U.S'. It has regular output and a sense of the now-dying art of genuine investigation. Certainly left-leaning but information is information, especially when well-sourced.

The Gary Null Show
Gary Null is a controversial figure, largely for his criticisms of mainstream medicine. He has a Ph.D in nutrition and has been an author, radio host and documentarian for over 30 years. His shows tend to combine nutrition with politics and he has an effective way of combining the two, in his own dialogue and with the guests he sometimes has on his show

Liberty Tactics
No Fit State
Hosted by Lou Collins and James Britpod, Liberty Tactics is a show closely allied to the UK Column newspaper, which effectively looks at corruption and stories not covered or mishandled in the corporate media. They continue to support Robert Green in the Hollie Greig case despite reasonably compelling evidence that it may be a hoax, but other topics covered are hard to deny and are essential information.

No Fit State was a spin-off podcast which only had 5 editions, all very interesting, but appears to have been discontinued.

The David Seaman Hour
A journalist and former Congressional candidate (not to be confused with the former England international goalkeeper), David Seaman is a recurring guest on Joe Rogan's podcast and is a well-researched and well-informed activist with his finger on the pulse of what's happening in America. He regularly talks to Abby Martin, whose work on her RT show 'Breaking The Set' is also highly recommended.

The Unexplained with Howard Hughes
Liverpudlian Hughes is a media stalwart with an open-mind, who is not afraid to tackle subjects rejected by others. When dealing with non-mainstream, 'extreme' opinions, he tends to play devil's advocate in an effective way, something other podcast hosts should try more often, and lets the information be expressed without interruption and 'ad hominem' tactics.

The Auteur Cast
Movie Geeks United
The Auteur Cast, hosted by Rudie Obias and featuring West Anthony, offers insightful and intelligent critiques and discussions of films of various genres and periods, including series exploring particular filmmakers. They often let the conversation turn to the philosophical, and in West's case, political aspects of the films themselves and the themes explored by them, and they are not afraid  to go on tangents and share relevant personal experiences and information. 

Discover Music Project
Hosted by Jonathan Metts with recurring guest hosts, each episode of this podcast is dedicated to exmaining a well-known group or singer and picking out key songs from them, with discussion of styles, influences and the musical progression of the artist. This podcast, like the 2 film ones, is genuinely fan-made.

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