Friday, December 20, 2013

Song Analysis - 'All In All' by Antony Rotunno

Just across the bridge is the alimony hearing,
A child of 10 attacked in a small deserted clearing,
Her mother's being cushioned from the blow by a man of 20 years

-while the adults are engaged in the formalities relating to a broken marriage, a young child falls victim to a predator. the victim's mother attempts to find solace in the attentions of a much younger man

Sister she stood by and she watched it all happening,
She is sitting next to an old army captain
He is lying face-down wondering what happened to all those years

-the implication is perhaps that of a sibling rivalry that prevents the older sister from helping the victim. the ex-army man metaphorically lies 'face-down', his former power reduced to impotence and wistful thoughts of former glories

The community is woken by a tall, dark accident
He wonders if there's anyone who saw the whole incident
But what he doesn't know is that his phone is being tapped right under his nose
And while it's all been going on, he's been unaware

-an inspector arrives who is physically impressive but hopelessly gullible and perhaps 'an accident' of birth?

And all in all, they play their part

-when it comes down to it, they (we) are all playing our roles and only a special few ever contemplate stepping out of character and into something real

While deceit is happening, the priest is still talking
Mother's got her toyboy but they're only still courting
While the girl is staying home and wondering whether life is worth it anymore

-the adults congregate in the local church to say their prayers and take confession while the young victim is alone considering her future and perhaps she has been left

And while the characters they play their roles to perfection
The reality is different if you look at their reflection
You'll see they've got 2 faces and the girl, she has none

And all in all, they play their part

-one imagines that mirrors would reveal inconvenient truths to the characters in this tale, and which of their faces would they see? the victim is ashamed and hidden

Well, i'm standing at the back with a camera in my hand
And all the people they are posing, putting life in my own hands
But whether they know what they're doing
If they're keeping what they're keeping to themselves

-the singer/narrator is at the back of the church collecting character studies with his chosen creative device. perhaps the pictures will answer the central question.

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