Friday, November 22, 2013

JFK 50th Anniversary

Today is 50 years since arguably the last free-thinking President was removed from office. I could go on and on about this and detail all my evidence, but i wonder how much difference it would make to those who don't want to hear it. Instead i've copied my ironic and rather sarcastic response to an article about 'Protesters at Dealey Plaza'.

'Keep those dirty protesters away from our view of history. I wonder if they include:
-the more than half of the American population who in the most recent survey said that they don't believe that Oswald acted alone.
-at least 50 eyewitnesses who testified to hearing a shot coming from the Grassy Knoll
-James Teague, who tried to tell the Warren Commission that he was injured by a fragment from a bullet coming from the G.N.
-the book researcher who somehow managed to get onto the floor of the Book Depository and swore that you couldn't even get a shot through the trees. (Interesting that they have an assassination museum that the public has to pay to enter but they're not allowed to see where the shot actually came from)

Of course we all know about the single bullet that made 7 wounds and emerged pristine, the fact that JFK was trying to pull the U.S. out of Vietnam and that Johnson signed a declaration of their involvement the day after the funeral, his head going back and to the left from a shot apparently coming from the back, the hole in the back of his head which was found to be an exit wound, various suspicious deaths of people trying to give alternative evidence, the fact that a New Zealand paper printed a biography and article on Oswald at almost the same time he was arrested, Oswald himself stating that he was a patsy, that fact that Oswald's killer Jack Ruby knew his victim, worked for the C.I.A. and died prematurely in prison...
But, who needs facts, eh??? Apparently the people need to be protected at all costs.'

Interesting that the only coverage given to any explanation of the killing other than the official one is some crazy story about an agent killing him by accident from the car behind. Since every alternative explanation is lumped together as 'conspiracy theory', this theory serves to discredit other credible research and obvious research. Obvious and cheap. 

Further Thoughts

In the wider context, it's a myth that the President actually has much power. Powerful lobbies such as the Israeli lobby, which covers both sides of the political spectrum, and Wall Street are already firmly in place when the new guy, who is there due in large part to massive campaign funds from corporations, steps in. He can't dictate to them because he is in debt to them for getting him there in the first place. Obama has done none of the things he promised because those promises were part of a very slick marketing campaign (which won an award as 'Marketing Campaign of The Year 2008', i might add) and he didn't and doesn't have the power to implement them. Whether he knew that when he came in or realised subsequently is debatable. Mind you, Obama's first job was working for war criminal Henry Kissinger, so he must have known that he wasn't getting into a clean business. My personal theory about JFK is that the 'military industrial complex' knew his weakness for the ladies and figured that they'd give him a cushy life with plenty of females on tap in exchange for compromising his instincts. He rebelled and as i wrote earlier tried to change the Vietnam agenda and curb the CIA (he fired the director Alan Dulles) and so he was taken out. Ask anyone why they think it was Lee Harvey Oswald on his own, or Bin Laden for 9/11. Other than 'i heard it on the news so it must be correct', they won't have an answer, i guarantee. Corporate media is a business, clear and simple, and those who try to speak out generally get gagged, discredited or sometimes killed. There are hundreds of examples that don't get on the news so they may as well not exist. Do you think the media would ever give airtime on prime time to a researcher who really knows his stuff without resorting to ad hominem verbal attacks? No way because the world would change overnight.

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